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Sometimes even the highest riding height is just not enough, like here in Guinea.

Higher  -  Safer

Seikel-Springs reinforced 14"/16"

Up to 4 cm more ground clearance, less vulnerable to lateral winds, improved road holding

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Shock absorbers OME

One of the best Syncro shocks on the market

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Shock absorbers reinforced

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  Specifications of the " Seikel " Suspension Springs  and Shock Absorbers VW T2 Syncro

Suspension Springs:

The Seikel company developed the SEIKEL VA 140 und SEIKEL HA 120 custom springs in 1990.

   - the height of the van changes by  3 - 6 cm, depending on weight and condition of the  vehicle 

   - the spring rate changes from 75 kg / cm to: VA 140 kg / cm and HA 120 kg / cm.

   - the characteristics is slightly progressive.

   - the manufacturing quality is up to OEM standards. The springs are

     epoxy coated (black) .

   - the road holding is safer and firmer however ride comfort is only reduced slightly.     Please notice: through the increased ride height of the vehicle and the unaltered rebound spring travel the axle articulation is reduced. This is only important while driving on demanding terrain without differential locks.

   - The rebound spring travel is the same as the standard springs in order to avoid any damage of the CV joints and the drive shafts.

Shock absorbers:

   - While custom springs improve ground clearance, reinforced shock absorbers primarily reduce the vehicle roll.

   - Reinforced shock absorbers and custom spring work together very well it. They should only be used together.

   - The fitting of a complete suspension kit improves the security of your vehicle!

The vehicle stays more controllable under strong lateral winds and changes of direction.


During the preparations for the Pharaoh-Rally and several test drives in southern Tunisia the SEIKEL custom springs for the VW Syncro 14" und 16" were developed. Since 1990 a couple of hundred sets of custom springs have been sold and only one rear spring out of the first production run broke during  a drive in the Hoggar mountains. As a reaction to this incident the production quality was improved to OEM standards.

As part of my load carrying capacity up-grade and the relating TÜV-certificate I developed this suspension kit.

       This Suspension Kit can cope with the increased carrying capacity (2,81 t).

       It makes the van more lively a give you a whole new driving sensation: The van sticks to the road.

       the annoying „nose diving" during hard braking disappears .

     -   also the van becomes vulnerable much less to lateral winds .

     The height of the vehicle stays the same.

Spring Set incl. TÜV-Certificate

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Shock Absorbers reinforced

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Jäger- Suspension Kit for the 2WD