Unfortunately there was nothing left to dismantle here...

Border Mauritania/Morocco

We have a lot of used parts in our stock!

For questions about availability, prices and delivery please contact us.

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70 PS 1.6 TD (JX)          » Shop

95 PS 2.1 L (CAT, MV)   » Shop

112 PS 2.1 L (DJ)            » Shop

Please note that not all part are available all the time!

I test drove almost every single engine that is for sale . The better the engine, the higher the price.

All engines are complete (wiring loom, auxiliaries, ECU)

Starter TD          » Shop

Starter - petrol models 

                      » Shop


65 Amp  » Shop

90 Amp  » Shop

ECU (MV) Digifant  » Shop

ECU (DJ)  Digijet    » Shop

Gearbox Syncro without differential lock(exchange) » Shop

Gearbox Syncro without differential lock(exchange) » Shop

Gearbox 2WD 5-speed              » Shop

Front differential - without Visco, with differential lock              » Shop

Front differential - without Visco, without differential lock              » Shop

Propeller Shaft (exchange)          » Shop

Differential Lock Switch - Syncro

(complete add-on kit)                        » Shop

Viscous Coupling                           » Shop

For the conversion of Syncro- petrol model into Turbodiesel ( or TDI ) we offer:

Both engine support brackets, all cooling hoses, diesel tank,

diesel filter with bracket, under body protection  and diesel gearbox bell housing                            » Shop

Engines, engine parts

Under body protection TD                                » Shop

Under body protection petrol model               » Shop

Propeller Shaft protector tubes (set of 2)         » Shop

Under body protection - front                            » Shop

Box for spare wheel - front (205 R 14)             » Shop

Box for spare wheel - front (185 R 14)               » Shop

Roll Bar Support  » Shop

Lower Trailing Arm - front

                  » Shop

Wheel bearing casing 14" incl. Wheel bearing

(a must for any "traveller": Who is going to fix a worn wheel bearing in the desert?)                              » Shop

Wheel bearing casing  16"            » Shop

Brake Servo    » Shop

Mud flap rear  » Shop

Gear Lever  » Shop

Suspension Parts 16"                                                   

(for example: hubs, brake callipers, upper wish bone, swing arm, wheel bearing casings, brakes, drive shafts, gearbox etc.)                                                                    please ask!

Electrics and similar stuff

Sun Visor with lighted mirror    » Shop

Central locking, complete with wiring loom (no cut wires)      » Shop

Power windows (set of 2)                                      » Shop

Instrument Cluster with rev counter

- diesel                                              » Shop

- petrol                                              » Shop

Instrument Cluster with clock                          » Shop

Front Grill for double front lights           

Auxiliary Heater  water Webasto diesel

Auxiliary Heater water Webasto petrol

air Eberspächer

» Shop

» Shop

» Shop

Electric Side Mirror, inc. fixing elements   » Shop

Windscreen Wiper Motor with rack » Shop

org. Cut-Off Relays with wiring loom,

Used to fit a second battery      » Shop

Rear Window Wiper Motor    » Shop

Interior and everything else


inc. roof lining, seats (front & rear),

side panels etc.     

depending on condition                » Shop

Multivan-Interior from                        » Shop

GL-Interior from                          » Shop

CL-Interior from                          » Shop

Fold-down Sleeping Bench ( inc. headrests) org. Westfalia / VW (from GL)        » Shop

Double Bench ( incl. headrests, rails and foldable backrest)    » Shop

(also suitable for Joker model)

Double Bench front (vinyl)                  » Shop

Seats with armrests (set of 2) » Shop

Rotating Seat Base    » Shop

Dash Board, padded    » Shop

Battery Cover  » Shop

Steering Wheel, big, small (power steering),

padded                                    » Shop

Foldable Glove Box,

Black or brown        » Shop

Camping Interior, complete with fridge etc.      » Shop

Additional Air Channel, petrol model                » Shop

Heat Exchanger - rear   » Shop

Body Parts, Glass, Wheels etc.

Used parts / Used parts / Used parts

Chrome Bumper - front

Chrome Bumper - rear

Black Bumper - front

Black bumper - rear

Rubber Trim - front / rear each

» Shop

» Shop

» Shop

» Shop

» Shop

Plastic Bumpers and Rubber Trim from              » Shop

Paulchen Luggage Carrier - standard        » Shop

Paulchen -  with ski support/bicycle rails      » Shop

Rear screen protection gutter                                » Shop

Air Deflectors - rubber for the front doors, they reduce wind noise, complete set    » Shop

Lock of the Service Flap  » Shop

Mirror » Shop

Handle (sliding door)  » Shop

Rear Light incl. rear fog light    » Shop

Rear Light » Shop

Fog light  each    » Shop

Side Vent Window  » Shop

Tank Cap with key  » Shop

Doors, Siding Doors, Tailgates, different colours ( good condition, no scrap metal)

» Shop

All used parts (if not negotiated differently) fully guarantied!

This means: I guaranty, that all of these parts are in perfect working condition and will work after being fitted to your van.

The installation of any used spare part must be executed within 10 days after date of purchase!

If any malfunction should show up: I will exchange the spare part or refund the purchase price!

Direct to my SHOP - Current Offers of VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon and Syncro Parts - Click here!

ABS for Syncro, also for vehicles with diff lock (ABS switches off automatically if diff lock is in use). Complete set, everything you need (front and rear hubs etc.) !!!  » Shop

Air filter box front incl. heater also with ventilation for the rear              » Shop

Pedal set, complete set                                                                      » Shop

I also stock used parts

in Freudenstadt  in the Black Forest

(south of Germany) !

Tow Bar,  Syncro  inc. electrics and relays   
» Shop

Upper Wishbone   

Brake Calliper   » Shop

Swing Arm  2WD/14"                » Shop

Swing Arm (inc. new  bushes)    » Shop

Brake Drum 2WD/14" incl. wheel bolts    » Shop

Front hub, incl. wheel bearing  » Shop

Gearbox, transmission parts

Air Meter WBX  » Shop

Power Steering Pump 
» Shop

Power steering rack » Shop

Complete Power Steering Kit -TD € //// -WBX » Shop

Separate parts also available!

Drive shaft 14"/16" - front            » Shop

Drive shaft 2WD/14"- rear            » Shop

Sliding Window , left, right, clear or tinted, also pre

                                                        » Shop

Front Screen                                                    » Shop

Rear window, with forced ventilation                » Shop

We also keep all other car glass in stock!

Radiator big (without fan) 
» Shop

Radiator Fan  » Shop

Three-Point Seat Belt - rear or centre
» Shop

Tank Syncro petrol         » Shop

Tank Syncro diesel         » Shop

Tank             » Shop

Radiator Plastic Tubes      » Shop

Insulation Mats - front set  » Shop

Insulation Mats - rear set  » Shop

Rear Window Wiper Motor with rack, water bottle and switch              » Shop

Van Floor Carpet          » Shop

Light Switch with dimmer         
» Shop

Dashboard  Switch             each
» Shop

Front Light H4  » Shop

Set of alloy wheels org. VW (4 pieces ) inc. tires  » Shop

Set of alloy wheels  org. VW (4 pieces)              » Shop

Set of wheels org. VW (4 pieces) inc. Tires      » Shop

Wheel  5,5 J 16 org. VW  » Shop

Wheel 5,5 J 14 org. VW 
» Shop

Wheel    6 J 14 org. VW 
» Shop

Remains of the rally Paris-Dakar

Plastic end bit of the wheel arch            » Shop

Front Indicator  » Shop