for the 1.6 TD engine

Power output raised to:

70 KW (95 PS) at 4390 U/min

We use our approved Intercooler (TDI-Installations).

The emission specifications of your vehicle stay the same.

Between about 2400- 3900 U/min the engines produces 160 Nm

of torque. From about 2000 U/min on, boost already reaches  0,5 bar.

These figures ( power and torque output) will not be achieved by every single TD-engine. The more worn the engine, the turbo and the injection pump, the less output you can expect.

Power output:                     72 KW (97,9 HP-DIN) at 4600 U/min

Maximum torque: 165 Nm                 at 2980 U/min

Complete installation

incl. all necessary parts,

TÜV-inspection and TÜV-approval of the intercooler installation,

performance test on a Bosch-chassis dynamometer

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The intercooler will be fitted on the left side of the vehicles close to the rear light. Metal panels and sealant make sure, that all the air that comes in through the left air channel, will only reach and pass the intercooler. Should this not be sufficient to reduce the temperature of the compressed air, a fan will switch on (controlled by a thermo switch).

Air filter and Battery will stay in their original places.

Of course, I will move the original air intake of the engine to the upper right of the vehicle, using only orig. VW components. Through this I achieve that the engine will only breathe fresh and cool air.

DIY intercooler installation kit:   I am not selling this anymore!!

We know best how to install the intercooler and have all the necessary jigs etc...  Only 500,- € of the price of the installation are labour costs.

Here you can see all the parts that we use for the intercooler installation.

Intercooler inc. fixing elements, fan, thermo switch

Intercooler hoses ,

Aluminium tubes and clamps

Air intake

to air filter inc. fixing elements

Air intake

from air filter incl. fixing elements

Protection for the edges, relays, small bits and pieces

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