Why clamps: I have made the active choice not to use complete pre-manufactured pressed hoses for the oil cooler. They would have a fixed length and might not fit every particular model of the VW van because almost everybody tends to installs the hoses in a different way.

Furthermore hoses that are not already pressed can be shortened  and are more easily pushed through the openings of the body shell. All my clamps are reinforced. The hose that comes with the kit is of such high quality that no further protection against rubbing etc. is needed. The oil cooler itself is suitable for engines with a capacity of up to 3 litres.

Proven and tested several hundred times!

You really do not need a fan behind the oil cooler Even during my trips through Africa  (35°C and driving across dunes) the oil temperature never exceed 110°C.

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The Oil Cooler System

Essential for the Turbo-Diesel:

Expands the life of your engine.

The set contains:

     - 10m of indestructible steel supported hose

     - 19-row  oil cooler

     - Thermostat adapter

     - all fixing elements                                       

The oil cooler will be installed in front of the radiator. It even fits in front of an additional water based charge cooler for the turbo.

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