That's me ...

on my trip through Africa, every two years ,

without any stress. That's where I gather the energy and the ideas for new projects...

Hello VW-Van enthusiasts

There is always a lot of taking going on about what could be done or what should be done…

For example: The van should have a TDI-engine, that would be the right engine...  or a VW- Syncro von with part time four-wheel drive, that would be it…..and so on.

On the other hand people often tell me: That's not possible, that can't work out.

Even though I have already covered more than 250.000 km in my own converted 14" Syncro (2,5 TDI, part time four-wheel drive, reinforced springs and shock absorbers, 30 X 9,5 R 15 B tires,  2500 kg tow bar) during the last 6 years, several thousands of them on tracks, people are still telling me: "A TDI-engine in VW-T3 Van just cannot work!"

I am practically orientated and try to turn my ideas into reality.

Not possible? - Not with me!

My van today:

Engine: 1,9 TDI, mechanical injection pump

Gearbox: (35 : 6) diff locks front and rear

Part time four-wheel drive

Tires: 235/85 R 16

2 additional tanks = 140 litres

Katadyn-filter system, 110 litres of water

Ortec-spare wheel carrier

South Africa- double headlight front grill

Not for sale !

You can benefit from my experiences und my specialisation on the VW-Syncro van.

I offer:                 - Gearbox Overhauls

                            -  Wheel Conversions

                            -  Increased trailing loads

                            -  Engine Conversions

                            -  and much more...         Please ask!

Approved spare parts and wearing parts - only OEM quality products!

Enjoy browsing me website.

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