Additional Tank

This tank (only 12 kg light, 70 ltr) is made out of 3 mm aluminium sheet metal inc. 2 welded in baffles. You fill it through a separate filler neck.

If necessary, an electric pump will shift the diesel out of the additional tank into the main tank (also possible while driving). 

The tank comes with everything needed for proper installation and operation.

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Floor Mat (left, right)

Custom fit for the VW van

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Turbo Charger 1.6 TD

New part org. KKK

(no deposit)

                  458,00 € 

Turbo charger (recon.) 1,6 TD

org. KKK

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Spare Wheel Carrier 

More robust than it looks. Mine is still o.k. after  9 years and 30X9,5 R 15 a wheel.

Wheel Spacers (ALU)

Syncro: 60 mm f. & r. with German TÜV-certificate

2WD: 60 mm r. / 40 mm f. inc. bolts with German TÜV-certificate

                               per axle » Shop

Mirror - big

For a better rear view, inc. arm

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K & N--air filter

This air filter:

  • Lets 40 % more air pass than the org. filter.

  • Is washable and reusable

  • Gets installed into the original air filter box

  • Cleaning only every  80.000 - 100.000 km

  • Cleaning only if 2 - 3 mm dirt layer accumulated

  • Up to  5 % power output
    (especially with badly installed intake systems, e.g. TDI-conversions)

Cruise Control

One that really works, controlled be the rev counter signal. There is also a cheaper version on the market that I do not want to sell.

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Additional Instruments

They help you to keep an eye on your engine and treat it with care.

Boost meter            » Shop

(inc Y-connector, 5 m of tubing, 2 joints)

Oil Temperature Gauge            » Shop

Oil Temperature Sensor          » Shop

Oil Pressure Gauge  Due to false readings and unreliability, I do not stock/sell this item anymore

Braided Hoses

Improved breaking.

Complete set, front and rear axle

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Tailgate Damper

Reinforced (800 Nm)

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Battery, 63 A

Direct to my SHOP - Current Offers of VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon and Syncro Parts - Click here!

K&N 1,6 TD             

K&N 1,9 TD             

K&N cleaning set   

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Sports - Steering Wheel (390 mm diameter)

Un-compromised visibility of speedo and rev-counter.

Of course with ABE (German TÜV certificate)

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Left or right

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Spare Wheel Cover with integrated impact protection plate

Black, neutral   

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Please specify your exact tire size!!


Direct to my SHOP - Current Offers of VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon and Syncro Parts - Click here!

One of my customers discovered this T1 in the USA.

Of course the parts listed below only fit the T3 van.

Motorbike Carrier

detachable, up to 250 kg load capacity

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This motorbike carrier is very robust.

150 kg load capacity: no technical modifications needed

200 kg load capacity: reinforced rear springs required

                                           (art. no.: F 0071 or F 0071s).

250 kg load capacity: reinforced rear springs (see above),

                                            and levelling  air shock absorbers (art. no.: F0066) 


Double pack

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Headlight protector (inc. fitting material)

Those of you who have already been to a desert know the problem: Sandstorm. It will definitely blind your headlights. This headlight protector made out of robust Plexiglas will help.

Please specify in your order : single head light or double headlight front grill.

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Free one for everybody who will really stick it on their van.

4WD/Syncro Sticker

Contain  2  stickers (4WD) for the doors and 1 sticker (Syncro) for the front (org. design).

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Catalytic Converter TD and WBX

Washer Jet,  3 jet holes

For a better view.

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Auxiliary Heaters (complete sets):

(air) Airtronic D2                                  850,- €

(air) Webasto AIR Top 2000 SB/SD,             

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(water) Webasto Thermo Top C, 

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EGS-conversion petrol Euro II

With this conversion kit your WBX (that is already equipped with a catalytic converter: SS/MV) fulfils the Euro II emission standards.

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Wheel dowel pins

45 mm    » Shop

66 mm    » Shop