Complete TDI- Engine Conversions

inc. engine and German TÜV Euro 2

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I have been dealing with VW TDI conversions for several years now, permanently looking for improvements and trying to offer you the best and most reliable technical solutions available. My own Syncro Van TDI 2.5  has been in constant use and my daily transport over the last 9 years. During this time I suffered only one breakdown (a snapped cam belt in Mali).

The TDI 2.5 conversion has been performing as well on the roads of Europe as on the tracks and dunes of Africa.

"Complete conversion" to me means :

All TDI conversion prices include

the complete installation in my work shop and all necessary parts, engine (used, 30.-100.000 km), reinforced clutch, modification of the air intake, Jaeger intercooler

, inc. German TÜV Euro 2,

We only use original and OEM VW spare parts. All parts used in the conversions are available as replacements. 

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The aluminium tubing of the intercooler system and the engine support brackets are special Jaeger developments.

The engine support hydro bearings and the  hoses of the intercooler system are original VW spare parts.

(Top left) Here you can see my customized air filter box (air filter remains standard 1.9TDI item).

(Top right) The tail pipe and the catalytic converter (we use a special joint to facilitate installation and de-installation).

Quality re-wiring is very important to me therefore we solder all new cable connection.

The new wiring diagram of the conversion is available on demand.

The development of the Jaeger intercooler took several weeks.

I wanted it to be large, with a high cooling capacity and also suitable for TDI engines bigger than 2,5 L. The air hoses and tubes had to be short to keep the distance between the turbo charger to the engine as short as possible.

I use this Jaeger intercooler for all my TD/TDI conversions. This means that the intercooler of my TD-intercooler upgrade (95 hp) can be re-used for any later TDI conversion.

(mechanical, 1,9, 2,5 or V6) !!!

Complete conversion 1.9 TDI 110 hp   » Shop

Conversion Kit 1.9 TDI:

Engine support bracket - right

Galvanized , inc. hydro bearing

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Engine support bracket - right

Galvanized , inc. hydro bearing

» Shop

Special - air filter box

Gets installed on the right side instead of the battery, inc. original 1.9 TDI air filter element and integrated Zyclon pre-filter

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We activate or unlock your ECU!!

We need:                     1. The parts listed above (if you own them already)

                                     2. Your engine ECU and the number of your engine

                                     3. Copy of the documents of your van

                                     4. Copy of your ID

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Hall Sensor

Distance counter with hall sensor for the T3 van.

This is necessary for:

the activation the cruise control (TDI-conversions), the navigating systems, the electronic speedo, MFA, automatic sound level regulation of your car stereo etc..

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The hall sensor generates the impulse that is necessary to run the TDI engine and that is used by the TDI-ECU to calculated the speed.

This impulse is identical to the original signal of a modern vehicle with electronic speedo.

Contrary to the use of an inductive sensor (VW-GALA) the intensity of the signal of the hall sensor does not depend on the speed of the vehicle. This ensures, that all functions of the TDI (cruise control, overrun fuel cut-off) work correctly and no errors occur in the error memory.

Since the speedos of the  2WD and the Syncro are different, the hall sensor has two outputs and is therefore suitable for al VW T3 vans as long as the speedo of your van has the slot for the original inductive sensor.

The sensor is sealed and waterproof and it will be installed in the original speedo.

It has 4 connectors: + 12 V (via ignition), grounds, output 1 (4 WD), output 2 (2 WD).

Unlike other suppliers,

where you will need extra parts to complete the installation;

No additional parts needed! (as always with our products)

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Custom  -  Preparations possible !!!

Cruise Control - installation and activation

Price on demand

Special clutch set, reinforced (270 Nm)

contains clutch cover, clutch plate, flywheel, bolts and protective cover

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Air duct

for better air supply

made out of carbon

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Complete conversion 2,5 TDI 5 cylinder / 2,5 TDI

Complete conversion  V6 TDI

                                    » Shop

Tri-Star (4WD)

V 6TDI, 150 hp


2,5 TDI, 115 hp


            1,9 TDI

(mechanical) 130 hp

My Demonstration Vans...

Bernd, always looking for usable engine for his conversions...

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