The Viscous Coupling

Its task is:

  • to distribute the power of the engine between the front and rear axle

  • to even differences in turning speed between both axles

That means:

  • If the rear wheels are spinning power will be sent to the front wheels.

It is faulty:

  • If the front wheels do not turn while the rear wheels are spinning

  • If the engine almost stalls in sharp corners because of the tension in the drive train, especially after long journeys

The viscous coupling is (according to me) a wearing part.

The wear is extraordinarily high if different tires are being used. This often causes severe gearbox and axle damages.

As with one of my customers who, due to bad road conditions in the winter, used good winter tires on the rear but did not change his all seasons tyres at the front of his van: this lead to 6135,- € worth of damage to his gearboxes.

Do not compromise:

To everybody who does not like my part time four-wheel drive, I can offer a brand new viscous coupling (original VW-part) at the price of:

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