Those of you who often drive in the desert, value the part time 4WD very highly. Here, I was still driving around with a standard viscous coupling. You can easily tell how  "the rear wheels dig in first" until the viscous coupling starts to engage.

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The part time four-wheel drive (4WD)

Basically the best you can do to your Syncro!

The expenses made to install the part time four-wheel drive system will amortise very quickly 


-  a hardened Viscous coupling can still be used

- no tension built-up in the drive train with switched

   of 4WD . 

This means: less tire wear

                      less fuel consumption

                      less gearbox and transmission damage                                             

When replacing the viscous coupling by a connecting sleeve you will achieve 100 % transmission on both axles.

This means for example: less digging in of the rear

How does part time four-wheel drive work :

Like with a front or rear differential lock, the 4WD is engaged by pulling the central switch (under the radio) which sends a vacuum signal to the decoupling system at the end of the gearbox. This will cause the coupling to connect the propeller shaft to the main shaft of the gearbox via  a shift rod and a shift fork .

The kit contains:

In exchange for the rear housing of your gearbox, I will supply a completely preinstalled modified housing, as well as the vacuum switch inc. all necessary parts for the control of the part time 4WD.

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The Connecting Sleeve

Substitutes the viscous coupling. If you switch on the 4WD with this configuration, the axles will be locked 100 %.

This means best possible traction off-road.

Those who use it, also know, that they should only make limited use of the 4WD on unpaved roads.

Direct to my SHOP - Current Offers of VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon and Syncro Parts - Click here!